Here is a round-up of my forthcoming events:


May 13: Totsicher Buchladen, Berlin, in conversation with Zoe Beck

South Africa

June 5: Pietermaritzburg launch of Balthasar’s Gift, Cafe Tatham, 5pm. Co-host Cheryl Stobie

June 11: Durban launch of Balthasar’s Gift, Adams Books, Musgrave 5:30 pm. Co-host William Saunderson-Meyer

June 17: Cape Town launch of Balthasar’s Gift, Book Lounge 6pm. Co-host Sam Wilson

June 19: Johannesburg launch of Balthasar’s Gift, Love Books Melville, 6pm. Co-host Fiona Snyckers

Some photos from previous events:

First reading ever. In Hamburg at the Balthasars Vermaechtnis launch event with Ariadne publisher Else Laudan:


We were having fun, really!



Recently at the Leipzig Book Fair:




neues deutschland

And a local reading in Bad Schornborn: